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Michelle Newell

Community Events

Shut Up & Write Wednesday morning

Shut Up & Write!™ Boise, ID

It's just like the name says - we shut up and write for an hour. You'd be surprised how much can get accomplished in setting aside one hour a week to write. The bonus is getting to know others with the same passion for writing. It works like...

Lunch and Networking

Treasure Valley Professional Network

We will be networking together, generating leads for each other, talking about problems in our industries, and working together to establish good relationships that focus on helping each other grow and develop in our respective businesses.

GRS/Zwift Virtual Trainer Rides

Performance Great Ride Series: Boise

Our outdoor GRS ride from the store will be taking a cold weather break till Spring and we invite you to join us for a GRS/Zwift virtual ride to stay in shape during the winter months. While there are 100's of rides on Zwift, we invite you to...