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GRS/Zwift Virtual Trainer Rides
3-21-18 7:30 pm - Buffalo Club
Performance Great Ride Series: Boise

Our outdoor GRS ride from the store will be taking a cold weather break till Spring and we invite you to join us for a GRS/Zwift virtual ride to stay in shape during the winter months. While there are 100's of rides on Zwift, we invite you to...

Writer's Bloc: L L Bower
3-21-18 7:30 pm - Buffalo Club
Writer's Bloc at the Meridian Library District

After working for 20 years as an accountant, Laurel went back to college and re-discovered her love of writing, winning several college writing contests and scholarships, editing her university’s college of business newsletter, and becoming...

Pure Country Swing- Free Swing Dance Lessons
3-21-18 7:30 pm - Buffalo Club
Boise Country Dancers

Best way to get over the mid week blues? Get out on the dance floor! Don't know the firs thing about swing? We gotcha covered with all the basics plus a new move or two every week. Bring a dance partner or find one on the floor its guaranteed to...

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