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Revive Us

Boise Christians

Revive Us is playing on Oct 24 and a few of you were mentioning interest in watching it! I thought I would post this meetup to see how many are interested!...

Adam Kokesh: For the Love of Freedom! - Boise

The Liberty Nook

Adam Kokesh will be in town and all the information can be found here. The main event is free but there is a meet and greet that requires a ticket.  I will not be attending the paid portion of this event but If you'd like to, you can purchase...

Bill Dovel demonstrates Pro EFT in action!

The Journey to a Healthy Life

Yesterday, Bill presented the theory behind Pro EFT, which is a self administered technique that creates a link to the subconscious, allowing people to shed limiting beliefs. At our next Meetup, Bill has requested a volunteer to demonstrate this...

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