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Talloo Meetup - Meridian, ID
9-29-16 5:30 pm - Beerhouse

Talloo meet-ups are designed to accelerate trust, develop new relationships and increase your awareness of the local business marketplace.  Please, come as our guest the first time. Each meet-up has a 24 member capacity, and members receive...

Essential Oils 101
9-29-16 5:30 pm - Beerhouse
Kokopelli Living

Interested in learning more about natural ways to support your family's well being but don't know where to start? This quick 30 minute class is a great introduction to essential oils and their suggested uses. The class is completely free but...

Play some Volleyball!
9-29-16 5:30 pm - Beerhouse
Good People, Good Times...it's that simple

Who's been waiting for warmer weather and long, fun nights? I know I have. I've been counting the days to start playing again. :0 ) The time has come for fun in the sun. NOTE: We're changing volleyball meetup a bit; NO MORE POTLUCK. No sad faces....

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