Boise Idaho Real Estate
Bert & Michelle Newell

Community Events

Weekly Real Estate Investor Coaching and Networking

Boise Investor Group

*** NEW START TIME *** 9:00am *** The meeting is just past the lobby! Are you looking to start your week off right? Join us as we network with other Real Estate investors. Here are just some of the things we do at these events: * Get some new...

Shut Up & Write Tuesday afternoon

Shut Up & Write!™ Boise, ID

It's just like the name says - we shut up and write for an hour. You'd be surprised how much can get accomplished in setting aside one hour a week to write. The bonus is getting to know others with the same passion for writing. It works like...

Light Circle

The Art of True Light - Centers for Spiritual Development

Come to receive a session of Light Energy. Sessions are 15-60 minutes depending on your schedule and preference. There is no cost, but spiritual offerings to the Sukyo Mahikari ( organization are welcomed. Why receive...