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Community Events

Shut Up & Write Tuesday afternoon

Shut Up & Write!™ Boise, ID

It's just like the name says - we shut up and write for an hour. You'd be surprised how much can get accomplished in setting aside one hour a week to write. The bonus is getting to know others with the same passion for writing. It works like...

A View from the Summit

Boise SQL Server Users Group Meetup

If you attended PASS Summit 2018 please share your experiences with the group. If you were not able to attend come and here the impressions of those how attended. There will be some SWAG from the conference. Note: This meeting will be at the...

Tuesday Game Night

Boise BoardGamers

A weekly game night at All About Games. Always a good turnout of 20 to 25 people. (Most of them are not on meetup but are still very friendly towards newcomers.)I will be bringing my usual assortment of games but there are always plenty of others...