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Michelle Newell

Community Events

Tuesday Game Night

Boise BoardGamers

A weekly game night at All About Games. Always a good turnout of 20 to 25 people. (Most of them are not on meetup but are still very friendly towards newcomers.)I will be bringing my usual assortment of games but there are always plenty of others...

Maker Meetup

Making in the MakerSpace

• What we'll doWe want to give members and the public an opportunity to socialize , collaborate, learn, express yourselves as makers, and make together. We want to create projects that:* highlight our maker...

The Fictional Book Club--White Elephant book exchange

The Fictional Book Club

It's time to have a little Christmas get together again this year. In lieu of reading a book for December, we will be doing a white elephant book exchange. The only requirement is that it not be a book we have read in the last year. In addition...